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Very eventful day yesterday.

So, yesterday was VIDEO GAMES LIVE and it was amazing but I'll get to that later. I was supposed to meet and hang out with a friend up in Chicago until like 2:00 in the afternoon so I got a ride to the train station at 9:00 am to get on a train and be in Chicago by noon. I get into the city and call her she doesn't pick up, so I walk about half a mile to the Station she was coming in from (Union Station), and she wasn't there. By this time I've called her like six times. She blew me off and I was kinda annoyed but didn't really mind because I have friends everywhere including Chicago.
I called this Britney girl I know that goes to UIC and asked her if she wanted to hang out and kill some time with me, the show started at eight and by this time it was only like one. So she tells me to take the blue line to UIC and I start my search for a blue line train. I couldn't fuckin' find one for like forty-five minutes and then, I needed a single dollar for the train because I had only a twenty and a single. I ask the lady at the terminal if she can make change and she says "No." So I leave the stop and I go outside to a Quiznos and I had to fuckin' buy something To break my twenty.
So I made it to the blue line, munchin' on a bag of Cheato's and waiting for the train and I make it to UIC and meet Britney and her kind of roommate almost an hour later than I said I'd be there. So we three just go walking around Chicago for like four or so hours looking at shit in Macy's and Borders and a few other random places, it was fun.
Borders was right across the street from the Chicago Theater and it was pretty sweet; like three or four stories. Other note: The Macy's was like twelve stories and had some neat Christmas stuff, I may go back up there for Christmas shopping. I met up with like four people in two different groups of people I knew. It was a good time. We walked across the street and met some cool people and the doors opened up and it was finally VIDEO GAMES LIVE!
There were people everywhere, the symphony was the Chicago symphony, not sure where the choir was from but I assume Chicago. THey had all kinds of events THey played an old school medly, Zelda, Mario, Sonic, Halo, and they closed with ONE WINGED ANGEL and Castlevania. They had a kid from Japan that put up youtube videos of himself doing Final Fantasy songs do a Final Fantasy montage on the piano as well as a Super Mario montage blindfolded. They had a costume contest, Space Invaders, and Guitar Hero contest. The winner of the guitar hero contest was this kid:
And the Space Invaders and Guitar Hero winners got to play their respective game in front of the crowd, on stage, with the band playing behind them. It was an amazing show, probably the best I've ever been to.
After the show I was in a good mood, it was early, it was snowing, and I figured I could make the 11:40 train home and not be too late. I was walking around got a bit lost and I missed that train, no worries the last train leaves at 12:40. So I walked around looking for a brown line per Google's directions. I find one and wind up over a mile from the station because of Google's backward-ass directions, and my phone is dead. It's 12:26 and I find a cab. We get there at like 12:30 and the train had just left.
It was a 12:30 train, not 12:40. So I'm freaking out, I have no cell phone to get ahold of my family and people in Chicago I know to find a ride, was pissed. So I'm walking around town trying to figure something out and I see a band loading their shit out of a bar, so I ask to use their phone to call my brother who was supposed to pick me up and they ask about what happened, I tell them that I missed my train and hinted at Joliet hoping they were going that way, and thank god! They were! They offer me a ride and with no other options I took it. On the way they were pretty cool, we got high, and talked about The Big Lebowski and told funny stories, it was a good time. I got the drummer's gamertag. We even beat the train that I had missed by a few minutes haha. So I waited and Leland, Josh, and Gina pull up and I got in the car, I didn't get home until like three in the morning. Overall it was a good day, made a great story.


Awesome to hear that you had an awesome time after a not so awesome blow off. :3
Haha, yeah it was Maggie too that blew me off, she called me freaking out and apologizing when I was eating lunch or whatever saying how sorry she was. I felt kinda bad. But told her it was cool. I also think I'm switching to a music major.
SWEET. Just music major? Or like a specified one like music education, or music journalism, or a specific instrument?
I want to conduct, I think I'll go into education and then work my way up the ladder.

November 2008

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